Veggie Cats is collaborating with the UA Campus Pantry to run a vegan food drive!

Donations are currently being collected! Please be sure to read the complete instructions below before you donate.


How to donate:


    • Please please, triple-check that all items are STRICTLY VEGAN before you donate them!!

      • Meat, fish, dairy, and eggs are all obviously non-vegan ingredients.  Gelatin, honey, shellac/natural glaze, L. Cysteine, casein, whey, lactose, oleic acid, and red #4 are easier to overlook, but are also not vegan. Even if you are vegan and choose to still consume some of these products, please do not donate them to this food drive.​

      • Items with an allergen warning saying that the product "may contain" or is "produced on shared equipment" with animal products ARE vegan, assuming that all of the listed ingredients are vegan. No animals were harmed due to microscopic cross-contamination.

    • Any nonperishable vegan foods are welcome, but click here to see what the pantry needs most.

  2. LABEL

    • Print this sheet of labels, then tape one label to each item. The QR code on the labels links to this page of resources.​​

    • The labels are in color, but if you can only print in B&W, it doesn't really matter. If you would like to donate but do not have access to a printer, please email and we will work something out.


    • Drop off all labeled items at the information desk in the student union. Hours are 8am-5pm weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends.


Your donations help to fight food insecurity AND animal agriculture, and also help to promote our club. Thank you so much for your participation!