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If you are new to Veggie Cats, welcome, and if you're a returning member welcome back! Just as veganism is for everybody, Veggie Cats is for everybody :) Some basic information about our schedule and plans are below, and a more detailed outline along with sign-ups for Veg Hacks and Veg News can be found HERE.


  • Meetings will be every other Tuesday at 6pm in Education 432, and our next meeting is Feb 1. On weeks that we do not have meetings, we may sometimes have social events at the same time instead, and these will be announced via Discord. If UA goes online, meetings will be via Zoom.

  • Masks will be required at ALL meetings and events.

  • Ask-a-Vegan on the mall will be held from 9am-3pm on Fridays 2/4, 3/18, and 4/8. Sign up HERE for the upcoming event on 2/4.

  • We are currently looking for volunteers to help with interviewing and photography for our Small Vegan Business Saturday Instagram posts, writing our petition letter to the University administration, and graphic design. If interested, please email or send a message in the Discord. No experience necessary!

At each meeting, we are continuing to have a Veg News sharing, and we are making more time for videos, discussions, and possible guest speakers. We have also begun a new routine of sharing a vegan tip/hack/recipe at each meeting!


We will continue to plan plenty of unique events throughout the semester, but some possibilities to look out for include going out to vegan restaurants, hiking, documentary screenings, and more.


Wishing everyone the best in 2022, and hope to see you all soon!


last updated 1/19/22


  • To promote and provide resources for ethical, sustainable, and healthy living

  • To make the university and community a more vegan-friendly place to live

  • To provide a community for vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious

Vegan for the animals, for the environment, and for our health!

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